…so if you couldn’t guess, this section is basically about life. The meaning of life, the point of life, the …. Nah, it definitely isn’t about that, instead you’ll find posts on my life as a teenager, the up’s and downs and the struggles and highlights. I’ll be talking about anything really, from what I love to what I’m thinking about on that specific day. I’ll also be keeping it very real on here so if you have any dilemmas or issues, for all you know you may find the answer in this section (I feel a but like an agony aunt aha)!


Hey, So I guess all I can say is, well…I’m back. It’s been months, almost a year I guess since I last published anything and my best excuse is that time has not been on my side. School decided that a fun idea would be to take over my life, especially art, please, save yourselfContinue reading “Hello…again!”

New Year, New Me xx

Hi, Now that it’s New Years Eve (or Hogmanay), it’s time to think about next year. I always find that calendars and diaries help me to feel organised for the year ahead and sometimes quite excited as well (as much as I would love for  Christmas all year round and always have that sad feelingContinue reading “New Year, New Me xx”

My 2018 Goals xx

Hi! So this blog post is going to be about my goals for 2018! This year I’ve decided to set myself a new goal every month and see if I can complete it in 4 weeks.

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